Thursday, March 29, 2012

Themes that repeat

Most artists' work will contain themes or repeated images. I have a common theme that has been weaving its way through my jewelry as well as my graphic design.

Below is a bracelet that I designed with the whimsical motif of dandelions blowing in the wind. One of my favorite childhood memories is picking dandelions, blowing the fluff, and watching it sail far away on the wind. The enchantment of watching the fluff dance along the wind and wondering what faraway place it would come to rest is what childhood dreams are made from.

To create this design I explored alternative metals copper and aluminum. Since the price of silver has increased I’ve widened my repertoire of metals.  (Don’t get me wrong, I love how easy Argentium silver fuses and how easy it is to shape). I stamped the majority of this design using a block letter capital V stamp. Sometimes it’s fun to challenge myself to see how inventive I can with one tool.

Another dandelion motif that floated into my world of design, This Enamel Necklace - Spring Dandelion is an example of a sgraffito technique which is drawing in enamel.

I also used the same motif in my graphic design business card, but I expounded on the idea. The dandelion fluff doesn’t just blow along in the wind, when an idea (the fluff represents ideas going out via print, web and social media) is correctly illustrated or produced it becomes a light and catches the attention of all it encounters. My passion is to visually communicate my client’s idea and bring those ideas to the attention of their client.   


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