Monday, June 16, 2008

City Arts in Dallas, TX

It was a great weekend in Dallas with some fabulous artists. great musicians, dancers, and story tellers. Even with the heat there was a good turnout at the event. Its a really mixed crowd as there are people who shop the arts venue after the symphony so you see many people quite dressed up among the rest of us that are attired in shorts.

I had a good show and the big sellers this show were the titanium and silver dangle earrings. This is the week to make more and replenish my inventory. I will post a photo of these to my blog soon. The next weeks will also be spent preparing for the summer Buyers Market in Philadephia.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Art & Air

I had a bit of a panic today as I went to do my civic duty. I was called to jury duty and thought it would be a repeat of when I served in the past. Typically the jurors are picked and then the trial will start that same day and go for a day or two. No! Today the judge said that the trial wouldn't start until Friday. Well, that had me nervous - as I needed to leave Thursday to drive to Webster Grove, MO for the Art & Air Festival at Eden Theological Seminary. This is near St. Louis and is a good days drive from my home near Dallas, TX. Fortunately the Judge did allow those who had a scheduling conflict to verbalize the information and took that into consideration when selecting the jury. So I am able to leave on time Yeah!

I have some wonderful titanium and silver pendants for this show and I have a few other items I hope to finish tomorrow. So come out and see all the new and lovely pieces at this show.