Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm qualified as a Green Exhibitor at the BMAC

I have been making earth friendly changes within my business as well as my family’s daily life.  These changes have been happening gradually and each one will make a difference in the world my children and grandchildren live in. As a result of these changes in my business I will be exhibiting at the Buyers Market of American Craft in Philadelphia as a Green Business. I've listed below the changes that I have done and will continue to look for ways to reduce my carbon foot print.

1. I use stock silver that is 100% recycled.
2. I use Biodegradable fluxes and Citric Acid pickle, which are not harmful to the environment.
3. Textures are either created via non-chemical ways with a rolling mill, stamping or electrical etching a non-toxic, eco friendly method.
4. Printed material is on 80-100% post consumer product.
5. I recycle of course.
6. My studio has skylights for great natural light in the daytime.
7. All processes are evaluated for effect on the environment.
One example is finding chains from recycled sources—their manufacturing process is harder and more elaborate, as a result some of my newer items are on waxed cotton cord, which is a renewable resource. Everything I make is 100 percent handmade from recycled or fair-trade materials.

Many small steps will result in the start of a new journey.