Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day of the Dead Pendant

I am an artist working on a very small scale with precious materials used to create personal works of art. My art jewelry is sculptural, clean, and has an Asian influence resulting from artwork my parents had in our home when I was growing up. (Not the typical Midwestern

Day of the Dead Pendant is a new direction. Bright, Colorful and movement, is the theme. I used glass beads, bamboo beads, hammered copper and nickel silver, items which individually do not have great value. These items are representative of a day to day life that can seem ordinary, but when combined with the lives of our family and friends create a piece that is colorful and striking.

The Day of the Dead Pendant focuses on gatherings of family and friends who remember friends and relatives who have died and the color, movement and inter connectedness that they have in common with our lives today. This is the art that is our lives.

Day of the Dead Pendant is a hand fabricated pendant of nickel silver and copper. The Chain is hand fabricated copper links incorporating beads of glass, bamboo and shell.

The Day of the Dead Pendant in on exhibit at DÍA DE LOS MUERTOS Day of the Dead at the Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas.

New Sales Assistant

Xena my faithful studio dog has taken on the new role of sales assistant. She traveled with me to the Edom Arts Festival and the show was a great success. Which I am sure is due to Xena and her ability to charm customers.

The venue is lovely East Texas Piney Woods with excellent artists. Many people come the this "small" show which made it a a very good show for myself and Xena.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Great neigbhors

I had wonderful neighbors at the Red River Revel in Shreveport, LA. Deborah and Benny demonstrate the famous hospitality of native Louisianans. See some photos of their Stain Glass Art at

New Displays

I had some new displays made and they work great. They are stable, with stand the assault of small children that escape their strollers, bumps from adults who have had a bit too much the general may lay of crowds.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Custom Bracelet

Custom work is one of the best opportunities to test my creativeness and skills. A friend of my wanted a bracelet designed for his lady friend. The adjectives were rugged beauty, use turquoise but do not imitate the southwest style, detailed but not ornate, comfortable to wear. . . let your imagination go. Our discussion continued. I did several sketches and we talked again.

This is the sketch we decided I would work from - with a few changes. Add two more stones and use the random texture that I use in some of my work.

I started the project and both of us were pleased with the finished piece.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finding Delight in the World Around

My grandson Shiloh explores the world with delight, excitement, joy and abandonment, he is a wonder to behold. Watching his delight in the texture of fabric, metal, wood even the plastic on the playground is contagious. I follow his lead and touch everyday items with a new wonder. I hope to carry this joy with me into my work in the studio as I prepare for the fall shows this year.

It's also very obvious that I'm a proud grandparent and just love to show off photos of Shiloh.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jackson, Wyoming

Photo of my booth at Jackson Hole Art Fair

The view was fabulous and being from Texas, I thought
the grass was wonderfully lush, green and just
awesome to walk on. (very different from home)

One view on the way to Jackson

The Snake River went along the campgrounds where we stayed.

View from our campsite of the creek that flowed into the Snake River.

I camped with friends from Tyler, Texas. Sally and Leigh Wade were wonderful camping buddies. They made camping fun, it was like being at a slumber party - talking late into the night with Sally. We compared notes (or sketches) about techniques and all the things that put our non-jeweler friends to sleep.

This is a photo of one of her pieces - as you can see she does the
texture by hand stamping with tools that she makes her self.
Check out her blog!

Monday, June 16, 2008

City Arts in Dallas, TX

It was a great weekend in Dallas with some fabulous artists. great musicians, dancers, and story tellers. Even with the heat there was a good turnout at the event. Its a really mixed crowd as there are people who shop the arts venue after the symphony so you see many people quite dressed up among the rest of us that are attired in shorts.

I had a good show and the big sellers this show were the titanium and silver dangle earrings. This is the week to make more and replenish my inventory. I will post a photo of these to my blog soon. The next weeks will also be spent preparing for the summer Buyers Market in Philadephia.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Art & Air

I had a bit of a panic today as I went to do my civic duty. I was called to jury duty and thought it would be a repeat of when I served in the past. Typically the jurors are picked and then the trial will start that same day and go for a day or two. No! Today the judge said that the trial wouldn't start until Friday. Well, that had me nervous - as I needed to leave Thursday to drive to Webster Grove, MO for the Art & Air Festival at Eden Theological Seminary. This is near St. Louis and is a good days drive from my home near Dallas, TX. Fortunately the Judge did allow those who had a scheduling conflict to verbalize the information and took that into consideration when selecting the jury. So I am able to leave on time Yeah!

I have some wonderful titanium and silver pendants for this show and I have a few other items I hope to finish tomorrow. So come out and see all the new and lovely pieces at this show.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I have rejoiced in
Your decrees as much as in riches.
I will study Your commandments
and reflect on Your ways.
I will delight in Your principles
and not forget Your word.

Psalm 119:14-16