Monday, June 2, 2008

Art & Air

I had a bit of a panic today as I went to do my civic duty. I was called to jury duty and thought it would be a repeat of when I served in the past. Typically the jurors are picked and then the trial will start that same day and go for a day or two. No! Today the judge said that the trial wouldn't start until Friday. Well, that had me nervous - as I needed to leave Thursday to drive to Webster Grove, MO for the Art & Air Festival at Eden Theological Seminary. This is near St. Louis and is a good days drive from my home near Dallas, TX. Fortunately the Judge did allow those who had a scheduling conflict to verbalize the information and took that into consideration when selecting the jury. So I am able to leave on time Yeah!

I have some wonderful titanium and silver pendants for this show and I have a few other items I hope to finish tomorrow. So come out and see all the new and lovely pieces at this show.

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