Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jackson, Wyoming

Photo of my booth at Jackson Hole Art Fair

The view was fabulous and being from Texas, I thought
the grass was wonderfully lush, green and just
awesome to walk on. (very different from home)

One view on the way to Jackson

The Snake River went along the campgrounds where we stayed.

View from our campsite of the creek that flowed into the Snake River.

I camped with friends from Tyler, Texas. Sally and Leigh Wade were wonderful camping buddies. They made camping fun, it was like being at a slumber party - talking late into the night with Sally. We compared notes (or sketches) about techniques and all the things that put our non-jeweler friends to sleep.

This is a photo of one of her pieces - as you can see she does the
texture by hand stamping with tools that she makes her self.
Check out her blog!