Saturday, September 20, 2008

Custom Bracelet

Custom work is one of the best opportunities to test my creativeness and skills. A friend of my wanted a bracelet designed for his lady friend. The adjectives were rugged beauty, use turquoise but do not imitate the southwest style, detailed but not ornate, comfortable to wear. . . let your imagination go. Our discussion continued. I did several sketches and we talked again.

This is the sketch we decided I would work from - with a few changes. Add two more stones and use the random texture that I use in some of my work.

I started the project and both of us were pleased with the finished piece.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finding Delight in the World Around

My grandson Shiloh explores the world with delight, excitement, joy and abandonment, he is a wonder to behold. Watching his delight in the texture of fabric, metal, wood even the plastic on the playground is contagious. I follow his lead and touch everyday items with a new wonder. I hope to carry this joy with me into my work in the studio as I prepare for the fall shows this year.

It's also very obvious that I'm a proud grandparent and just love to show off photos of Shiloh.