Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ancient Fossil Pendant

This Pendant deomonstrates techniques that I teach in my Jewelry Basics Class at the Creative Art Center.  Piercing and hammer texturing are featured on this pendant, which are basic skills that lend themselves to many projects. I also used tabs to hold the Ammonite Fossil in place. Tabs are a great option for unusual shaped objects that will not work with a bezel.

I decided to make the piercing a stylized version of the Ammonite Fossil. I also textured the metal with the Fretz Narrow Raising Hammer to mimic the pattern of the Ammonite.

This gives the pendant a cohesive look. I love creating texture and I feel like this pendant shows the texture of the Ammonite Fossil to its best advantage as well as the hammer texture of the metal adding interest and beauty.

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