Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snowman Ornaments

My daughter-in-law and grandson made the cutest ornaments and I wanted to share how they made them.

2 styrofoam balls (2 sizes)
puffy paint (black and orange)
pipe cleaners – various colors
craft balls – various colors
hot glue
jewelry wire

Cut straw about 1" to stick the two styrofoam balls together and hot glue to secure.
Twist a small piece of jewelry wire to make a small loop on top add hot glue to secure.
(Use to hang the ornament)
Paint all over with a sponge the snow-tex. Let dry.
Use pipe cleaners for top of ear muffs and scarf.  Hot glue in place.
Attach the fuzzy craft balls for ear muffs with hot glue.
Use the puffy paint for face.
Have fun!!! 

Merry Christmas!

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